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pretty things

I like looking at beautiful things other people make, and keeping notes of poems or other ideas I like. I'm particularly drawn to things that are inspired by the natural world.

ON A DAY WHEN THE WIND IS PERFECT (adapted from 13th century sufi mystic, Rumi)

amanda morales

On a day when the wind is perfect

the sail just needs to open
and the world is full of beauty.

Today is such a day.
All eyes become the sun
and like the sun, make promises
they’ll always keep,
every morning.
Then, hearts become the breeze
and like the breeze, give tenderly
at every turn,
Our bodies now just spring air
and like the air, they carry music
for this ecstatic dance
of beauty.
On a day
when the wind is perfect

the sail just needs to open

and the love starts.
is such a day.

___i found and adapted this poem and read it aloud at kim and charlie’s wedding and my voice trembled and shook but i still think it’s beautiful and it was really cool to do__